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Croatian Heads of Unit Competition Launched

Epso is organizing 2 competitions – EPSO/AD/252/13 (AD 9) and EPSO/AD/253/13 (AD 12) – to recruit Croatian Heads of Unit.

The fields on which the competitions are organized are:

  • Law – 5 places AD9 and 4 places AD12
  • Economics – 8 places AD9 and 6 places AD12
  • European Public Administration – 7 places AD9 and 5 places AD12

The preselection tests will consist of Verbal Reasoning and Numerical Reasoning in candidates’ second language (English, French or German)

You must apply on EPSO website from 25th April to 28th May 2013.

Good luck!

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Administrators AD 6 Competition in the Buildings Sector announced

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EPSO is organizing a competition – EPSO/AD/248/13 – to create a reserve list from which to recruit candidates on the following fields:

– Security of Buildings – 11 successful candidates

– Building Services Engineering – 18 successful candidates

The admission tests will be organized only if the number of candidates applying exceeds 1000 per field.

Being a specialists competition, the first selection of suitable candidates will be based on the talent screener.

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Competitions in Macroeconomics and Financial Economics published

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Epso has recently published a new competition – EPSO/AD/249/13 – looking to recruit 37 Macroeconomists and 27 Financial Economists on AD7 level.

Since this is a specialists competition, you will first have to go through the talent screener that you will fill in your application.

Depending on the number of applications, it will be decided at a later stage if CBT tests will be organized.

The  minimum professional experience required is 6 years after the obtaining the relevant university diploma

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CAST Researchers Published

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Epso has launched a call for expression of interest for CAST Researchers positions with the following profiles. The number of available positions on the list is also mentioned:

Profile 1: Natural Sciences  100 successful candidates
Profile 2: Quantitative Sciences 180 successful candidates
Profile 3: Human and Social Sciences 150 successful candidates
Profile 4: Agricultural, Environmental and Earth Sciences 110 successful candidates
Profile 5: Health Sciences 60 successful candidates

The indicative planning for this expression of interest is:

  • Registration period 29 January 2013 – 1 March 2013
  • Selection based on qualifications (if applicable) March-April 2013
  • Competency test April-May 2013 (if no selection on qualifications)
  • June 2013 (if selection on qualifications) 
  • Transmission of test results to candidates June 2013 (if no selection on qualifications) 
  • July 2013 (if selection on qualifications)

The positions are available at all JRC institutes as well as in DG Connect, DG RTD, DG Sanco