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EPSO/AST/125/12 — Assistants (AST 3)

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The Assistants 2012 EPSO/AST/125/12 cycle has been published. Epso will organize the competitions for the following fields:

  • Audit- 25 successful candidates
  • Finance/Accounting – 45 successful candidates
  • Economics/Statistics – 40 successful candidates


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EPSO/AST/125/12 — Assistants (AST 3) Competitions Published

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The EPSO/AST/125/12 AST 3 competition has been announced for the following fields:

1. AUDIT – 25 places on the reserve list
2. FINANCE/ACCOUNTING – 45 places on the reserve list
3. ECONOMICS/STATISTICS – 40 places on the reserve list

The preselection will consist of the following EU Tests:

– Verbal reasoning

– Numerical reasoning

Abstract reasoning practice tests

– Professional skills: accuracy and precision

– Professional skills: prioritizing and organizing

Situational Judgement

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Top 10 Tips for Epso Numerical Reasoning CBT

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1. Know the test format – The first thing you need to search for is how the Epso Numerical Reasoning exam is structured. You can go on and search this on Epso’s website and through official journals of the competition or you can read on. Regardless of the EU competition – be it Administrator or Assistant, the numerical reasoning exam is made of 10 questions for which you will have 20 minutes to solve. The questions will present a table or a chart with a brief explanation of the context, a question on the table/chart and then 5 possible answers from which only one is right. This CBT (computer based testing) epso numerical reasoning test follows right after the epso verbal reasoning exam and is followed by the abstract reasoning one.

2. Budget your time – Two minutes / question some would say that it’s more than enough, others that it’s clearly not sufficient. It all depends on your previous numerical skills and exercise. Someone with technical background might find the Epso Numerical Reasoning exercises a piece of cake while people with other skills might find the questions a bit tricky. In both cases, you should always keep an eye on the clock and try to fit in the two minutes time frame for each question. In exam conditions, it’s easy to get stuck with a particular question and waste more time on it. The best option would be just to mark the question and if time allows it come back to it in the end. If there’s no time, don’t leave the question unanswered and make an educated or a lucky guess.

 3. Read the statements carefully – It is essential for the epso numerical reasoning test to make sure you have clearly understood what is wanted from the statement. Double check the tables with the data from which you deduct the answer.

 4. Make use of given items – In the CBT exam room you will receive rough paper, marker and a calculator. Mark down complex calculations on the rough paper so that when you would need to go back to that value it stays written. Also, if you would want to revise a particular question, you would have the data already calculated on the rough paper. (more…)

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You should know this about Epso Situational Judgement Tests (SJT)

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What are EPSO Situational Judgement Tests (SJTs)?

The EPSO SJT – Situational Judgement Tests have been introduced in the EPSO CBT to present candidates with scenarios related to the position for which they are applying. The scenarios presented in the tests reflect real-life aspects of the duties of an EU official. The test comprises of 20 questions with 4 possible answers. The candidate is asked to choose from those the “Most Effective” and “Least Effective” solution to the stated situation. The EPSO SJT duration is 30 minutes.

The scoring per question for the EPSO SJTs goes from 0 to 2. Correctly identifying the “Most Effective” and the “Least Effective” answers will bring you each 1 point, neutral statements are marked with 0,5 points while wrong answers – opposites to Most Effective and Least Effective receive 0 points.

Why are EPSO SJT important?

Recently, EPSO has decided to make the Situational Judgement Tests eliminatory. Moreover, they account for (more…)