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CAST – Regional Security Staff

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CAST FGIII and FGIV, You can now apply for following CAST selections:

  • Regional Security Officers (Function Group III)
  • Regional Security Advisers (Function Group IV)

The database will be available for the European Commission and the EEAS.


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Translators AD5 Competition Published

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These are the following competitions that you can apply for as translators:

EPSO/AD/240/12 – Estonian-language translators
EPSO/AD/241/12 – Irish-language translators
EPSO/AD/242/12 – Latvian-language translators
EPSO/AD/243/12 – Portuguese-language translators

Good Luck!

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AD5/7 EPSO Conference Interpreters

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You can now apply to one of the following Epso Conference Interpreters competitions:

EPSO/AD/236/12 – Danish-language conference interpreters
EPSO/AD/237/12 – German-language conference interpreters
EPSO/AD/238/12 – English-language conference interpreters (grade AD 7 only)
EPSO/AD/239/12 – Conference Interpreters for the Slovak language

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Croatian Linguists competitions

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The following competitions geared towards Croatians have been published:

• EPSO/AD/233/12 – Translators (AD 5) with Croatian as their main language
• EPSO/AD/234/12 – Conference Interpreters (AD 5 / AD 7) for Croatian
• EPSO/AD/235/12 – Croatian-language Lawyer-Linguists (AD 7)