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EPSO/AST/117/11 (AST 1) Competition announced

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Epso has announced the EPSO/AST/117/11 – Assistants in the Secretarial Field (AST 1) competition. In total there are 257 advertised positions available fot the following languages: Greek, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, Irish, Hungarian and Italian.

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Proofreaders competitions published

EPSO has recently published AST competitions – EPSO/AST/109-110/10 –  for Italian and Maltese proofreaders. You can already start preparing for the preselection on our website.

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EPSO Translation Contract Agent IV launched – EPSO/CAST/S/1/2011

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Are you ready to participate to the CAST FG IV launched by EPSO? On the search for translators, EPSO has launched a selection procedure for all the 23 official languages. The deadline for application is 29th November.

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EPSO Abstract Reasoning Tips and Tricks

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With the new selection procedure, EPSO has introduced another type of preselection test – epso abstract reasoning tests. These  tests are commonly used worldwide in graduate and managerial selection. They assess ones ability to understand abstract and complex concepts.

Epso Abstract Reasoning Structure

At the EPSO preselection exam you will have 10 abstract reasoning questions in an allotted time of 10 minutes. This means one minute per question. The mark obtained in the EPSO Abstract Reasoning test (more…)