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EPSO/AD/277/14 – AD5 Audit Administrators

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You can apply now for the Auditors AD Competition which will result in a reserve list with 40 successful candidates! The last day you can apply for this competition is 23rd April.

An Auditor within the European Institutions will have as main duties:

— external audit, financial audit, compliance audit, and auditing of sound financial management, including
planning, implementation and reporting,
— documentary and on-the-spot checks and controls, analysis, assessment and improvement of audit
systems and project and programme management,
— internal audit, methodological support, advice and training,
— interservice coordination and consultation on audit issues,
— drafting of opinions, advice or recommendations in fields related to their institution’s mission.

The preselection exam for this competition will have the same structure as the EPSO/AD/276/14 competition:

– Verbal Reasoning

– Numerical Reasoning

– Abstract Reasoning

– Situational Judgement


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EPSO/AD/276/14 – AD 5 Aministrators competition

You can apply until 15th April to EPSO/AD/276/14 AD5 Administrators competition which aims to setup a reserve list of 137 successful candidates.

The profile sought is a general one with tasks as the ones below which are also mentioned in the notice of competition:

— devising, implementing, monitoring and control of programmes and action plans,
— managing resources including staff, finances, and equipment,
— assisting decision-makers by means of written or oral contributions,
— drafting policy analysis briefings,
— external communication as well as internal reporting and communication,
— relations with external stakeholders and with the Member States,
— inter-service and inter-institutional coordination and consultation regarding policy,
— coordinating working groups set up by the Member States, the institutions and other external stake­
— drafting contracts, preparing calls for proposals and invitations to tender, and participating in evaluation
committees for monitoring selection procedures and the allocation of proposals.

The preselection tests will consist of the following exams:

Verbal Reasoning

– Numerical Reasoning

– Abstract Reasoning

Situational Judgement

Have a look at our online epso tests  for these categories to get accustomed with the exam interface.

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EPSO/AST-SC/01/14 – more than 200 positions available!

The new EPSO/AST-SC/01/14 exam was recently announced with the goal of filling up a more than 200 names reserve list for SC1/SC2 levels.

The big changes for this EPSO AST secretaries competition is that there will be no abstract or numerical reasoning.

The preselection tests will include:

verbal reasoning in the main language – English/French/German/Croatian

accuracy and precision – EN/FR/DE

– prioritising and organising – EN/FR/DE

– language comprehension test – EN/FR/DE/HR

The deadline to apply is 21st March.

Have a look at our EPSO Tests offer that helps you prepare for this competition.

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EPSO Accuracy and Precision Tips

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The Epso Accuracy and Precision test is one of the challenges proposed by EPSO for AST 1 and AST 3 (Assistants) EU Competitions during the preselection phase. Anyone who wants to be an Assistant or at the Council of the European Union, European Parliament, European Commission or any other EU institution needs to pass this test during the preselection.Epso Accuracy and Precision Example

What Does the EPSO Accuracy and Precision Test Involve?

The EPSO Accuracy and Precision module is quite unique in its nature as this type of aptitude test is rarely used by other recruiting organizations. The major challenge is that the test consists of 40 questions that need to be answered in six minutes. Despite the fact that the candidates will have to take the test in their second language -a choice between English, French or German – the test does not pose particular language comprehension problems. Considering the very short time limit, the test requires incredible concentration. The following lines will provide you with some tips on how to succeed when faced with this challenge.

Observation and Instinct Instead of Considered Thinking

Some people may say that, considering the necessary average time of 9 seconds per question, the EPSO Accuracy and Precision test is impossible to solve. However, the questions are visual and are generally very easy to answer. For each question, candidates are given two tables, one of which contains an error. Their challenge is to spot the error as quickly as possible.

It normally takes just a fraction of a second before the image of the two tables is analyzed by the eye, and then by the brain. The rest of time should be used for spotting the actual errors as some exercises involve multiple errors, which is the problem most candidates deal with. And the reason why most of them find it difficult to provide answers to the questions proposed in this test is that they are overthinking.

One of the best suggestions you can consider when preparing for this test is to avoid analyzing the images too much. A six-year-old would have a better chance for a high score in the Accuracy and Precision exercise, and this is not because his or her brain is more agile. Instead, children tend to see the errors in the tables without questioning them and without thinking too much about it. This is the approach you should consider. The keys to success are to avoid analyzing the images too much and to follow you instincts.

Don’t Lose Your Concentration

The fact that the EPSO Accuracy and Precision test requires great concentration is no longer a secret. And, since you will have better chances to pass if you answer all questions, you should make sure all your attention is on the two tables in each question.

With this challenge, one of the qualities the EPSO wants to assess in their candidates is their ability to remain in control and focus on a problem, regardless of the circumstances. Exercising your stress-management skills will, therefore, be to your advantage when it comes to taking this test.

Practice Time Management

Do not waste time on a particular question just to get it right because you can, as this will eat into your time on subsequent questions. If you don’t see the obvious answer, move on to the next question. Remember, it’s all about speed.

Practice EPSO Accuracy and Precision tests online

Now that you went through the tactics involved in mastering Accuracy and Precision tests, it’s time to practice some free epso accuracy and precision tests to get yourself accustomed with the questions.  Since the format of our EPSO accuracy and precision tests are more or less similar, more practice means a more instinctive ability to answer the questions in the shortest time possible.