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EPSO/AD/255/13 – Croatian Language Translators

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You can now apply until 23rd July 2013 to EPSO/AD/255/13 Croatian Translators.  You can chose from two different options:

Option 1 – 46 places on the reserve list

Source Language 1 – English , French or German

Source Language 2 – English, French or German but different than Source Language 1

Option 2 – 32 places on the reserve list

Source Language 1 – English, French or German

Source Language 2 – One of EU Official languages and different from English, French or German.


The preselection tests will consist of:

  • Verbal Reasoning Test (2nd chosen language)
  • Numerical Reasoning Test(2nd chosen language)
  • Abstract Reasoning Test(2nd chosen language)
  • Language Test 1 (Croatian)
  • Language Test 2(3rd chosen language)

You can use our tests to start preparing.

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CAST Function Group III & IV ICT Security

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Epso has recently launched a call for expressions of interest for ICT Security Assistant (FGIII) and ICT Security Analyst (FGIV). There are 50 available places on each category. The jobs will mainly be available in Brussels or Luxembourg within the European Commission, European External Action Service, European Parliament, General Secretariat of the Council of the EU, Economic and Social Committee or within an EU Delegation.

The indicative timetable for EPSO/CAST/S/7/2013 is as follows:

  • CV Sifting / Talent Screener – Sept 2013
  • Competency Test – Nov 2013
  • Results of Competency Test – Dec 2013/Jan 2014


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Portuguese and Greek Proofreaders Competitions

On 8th May, the applications for the Portuguese and Greek proofreaders competitions will be opened.

The two competitions EPSO/AST/127/13 and EPSO/AST/128/13 aim to setup 2 reserve lists with 12 successful candidates each on AST 3 grade.

Should EPSO organize the preselection tests , the aptitudes and competencies tested will be on the following subjects:

The language of the tests is Laguage 1 (Portuguese and Greek).

You can only apply to one of these competitions by 11th June 2013.


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Food Safety Administrators Competition Announced

You can soon register for the two Food Safety Competitions that EPSO has launched:

EPSO/AD/250/13 — Administrators(AD 6) — food safety (policy and legislation) – 18 successful candidates on the reserve list
EPSO/AD/251/13 — Administrators(AD 7) — food safety (audit, inspection and evaluation) – 12 successful candidates on the reserve list

The deadline for applications is 22nd May 2013