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EPSO/AD/277/14 – AD5 Audit Administrators

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You can apply now for the Auditors AD Competition which will result in a reserve list with 40 successful candidates! The last day you can apply for this competition is 23rd April.

An Auditor within the European Institutions will have as main duties:

— external audit, financial audit, compliance audit, and auditing of sound financial management, including
planning, implementation and reporting,
— documentary and on-the-spot checks and controls, analysis, assessment and improvement of audit
systems and project and programme management,
— internal audit, methodological support, advice and training,
— interservice coordination and consultation on audit issues,
— drafting of opinions, advice or recommendations in fields related to their institution’s mission.

The preselection exam for this competition will have the same structure as the EPSO/AD/276/14 competition:

– Verbal Reasoning

– Numerical Reasoning

– Abstract Reasoning

– Situational Judgement


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EPSO/AD/276/14 – AD 5 Aministrators competition

You can apply until 15th April to EPSO/AD/276/14 AD5 Administrators competition which aims to setup a reserve list of 137 successful candidates.

The profile sought is a general one with tasks as the ones below which are also mentioned in the notice of competition:

— devising, implementing, monitoring and control of programmes and action plans,
— managing resources including staff, finances, and equipment,
— assisting decision-makers by means of written or oral contributions,
— drafting policy analysis briefings,
— external communication as well as internal reporting and communication,
— relations with external stakeholders and with the Member States,
— inter-service and inter-institutional coordination and consultation regarding policy,
— coordinating working groups set up by the Member States, the institutions and other external stake­
— drafting contracts, preparing calls for proposals and invitations to tender, and participating in evaluation
committees for monitoring selection procedures and the allocation of proposals.

The preselection tests will consist of the following exams:

Verbal Reasoning

– Numerical Reasoning

– Abstract Reasoning

Situational Judgement

Have a look at our online epso tests  for these categories to get accustomed with the exam interface.

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EPSO/AST-SC/01/14 – more than 200 positions available!

The new EPSO/AST-SC/01/14 exam was recently announced with the goal of filling up a more than 200 names reserve list for SC1/SC2 levels.

The big changes for this EPSO AST secretaries competition is that there will be no abstract or numerical reasoning.

The preselection tests will include:

verbal reasoning in the main language – English/French/German/Croatian

accuracy and precision – EN/FR/DE

– prioritising and organising – EN/FR/DE

– language comprehension test – EN/FR/DE/HR

The deadline to apply is 21st March.

Have a look at our EPSO Tests offer that helps you prepare for this competition.

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Upcoming EPSO Competitions – 1st Semester 2014

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In the indicative planning of EPSO Competitions you’ll notice the upcoming exams and fields of interest of recruitment for EU institutions.

EPSO/AST-SC/01/14 – With the new staff regulations adopted at the beginning of 2014, the new AST/SC positions have been especially created for  secretaries. With the possible date of applications opening on 13th February, EPSO will be organising secretaries competitions at SC1/SC2 levels (most probably corresponding to the former AST1/AST2 levels)

EPSO/AST/130/14  – Aiming of selecting Assisstants with a background in building, this competition will have different profiles listed; estimated kick off day for applications is 27th February.

EPSO/AST/131/14 – Nuclear inspectors specialists competition launching 3rd April

EPSO/AD/…/14 – A specialists competition for OLAF Forensic Analysts will be launched on 27th March

AD Cycle 2014 – though the profiles are not announced we can notice that there will be an Auditors AD5 competition running in parallel. The applications for the Administrators Cycle will begin on 13th March while for Auditors a week later.