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EPSO/AD/301/15 — ADMINISTRATORS (AD 5) Competition Announced

The newly announced EPSO Competitition – EPSO/AD/301/15 – for AD5 which looks to draw up a reserve list of  149 successful candidates brings changes to the selection procedure.

The selection will now have 3 phases:

  1. Preselection Phase – CBT on Verbal, Numerical, Abstract Reasoning and Situational Judgement
  2. Intermediate test – e-tray exercise
  3. Assessment Centre

By looking at the Official Journal for the competition you will notice the following EPSO preselection exam changes:

– Verbal and Numerical Reasoning DO NOT COUNT for your preselection mark, but you would still need to get a pass mark for these tests

– There will only be 10 Verbal Reasoning questions from now on.

– There will be 20 Abstract Reasoning questions from now on

– The score for the preselection will be made of scores from Abstract Reasoning and Situational Judgement Tests

– There will be up to 10 but not more than 11 times more candidates than needed on the reserve list invited to the Intermediate test. In this case, the maximum of candidates that could be invited to the Intermediate test is 1639.

The Intermediate Test consists of an e-tray test which will verify 4 general competencies usually sought by the European Institutions – Analysis and Problem Solving, Delivering Quality and Results, Prioritising and Organising and Working with Others. There will be 15 to 20 questions on this test. Each competency will be marked out of 10.

The main tasks of a successful candidate would include:

1.   Policy formulation and development

Conduct analysis and formulation of policies in the fields of EU action;

Follow and contribute proactively to policy implementation in specific sectorial policies, drafting policy analysis notes and briefings;

Assist decision-makers by means of written or oral contributions.

2.   Operational delivery

Devise, implement, monitor and conduct checks of programmes and action plans;

Manage the relations with the Member States and external interest groups;

Follow inter-service and interinstitutional coordination and consultation regarding European policies;

Coordinate working groups set up by the Member States, the institutions and other external stakeholders;

Draft contracts, prepare calls for proposals and invitations to tender, and participate in the monitoring of proposals and projects;

Contribute to external communication as well as to internal reporting and communication.

3.   Resource management

Manage resources including staff, finances, and equipment;

Monitor administrative, financial and budget procedures;

Participate in preparing budget estimates and drawing up annual reports and accounts;

Manage operational, strategic, social and budgetary risks.

The deadline to apply is 21st April midday.