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EPSO/AST/134/14 — Competition Announced for Assistants (AST 3) in the Field of Parliamentary Work

The European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) is organizing an open competition – EPSO/AST/134/14, based on qualifications and tests, to draw up a reserve list from which to fill vacant posts for officials as ‘Assistants’ in the European Parliament to work for one or more of the following sectors:

  • Assistance in parliamentary work;
  • Communication activities;
  • Correspondence and mail management;
  • Support tasks relating to the daily work of a committee/delegation/unit secretariat;

The number of successful candidates sought is 30.

The computer-based admission tests for the EPSO/AST/134/14 competition will be organized by EPSO only if the number of candidates exceeds a certain threshold which will be set by the Director of EPSO, as the appointing authority, after the deadline for applications.

At the preselection stage, your responses to the questions relating to the general and specific conditions will be processed to determine whether you can be included in the list of candidates who fulfill all the conditions for admission to the competition. The selection board will then screen the candidates eligible for the competition on the basis of their qualifications to identify those whose profile (particularly their diplomas and professional experience) best matches the duties and selection criteria set out in this notice.

You will sit three types of assessment tests, the content of which is validated by the selection board:

  1. The reasoning ability will be assessed by a verbal, numerical and an abstract reasoning test.

If admission tests are not held, these reasoning tests will be part of the assessment centre. Also, various aspects of your professional experience will be taken in consideration for the next step, the assesment centre.

At the Assesment Centre, You will sit three types of assessment tests, the content of which is validated by the selection board:

The reasoning ability will be assessed by means of: a verbal, numerical and free abstract reasoning tests.

Your specific competencies  will be assessed by means of:

  1. a structured interview on your competencies in the field, based on the information given in the ‘Talent Screener’ tab of your application.
  2. A case study;
  3. A group exercise and
  4. A structured interview.

The Deadline for the EPSO/AST/134/14 competition (including validation) is 13 January 2015 at 12.00 (midday), Brussels time.

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