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EPSO/AST/137/16 – Notice of Open Competition for Linguistic Assistants

The European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) is organising an open competition for Linguistic Assistants (AST 1) *

Linguistic Assistants are sought for the following languages:

Danish (DA) — 16 successful candidates, Maltese (MT) — 16 successful candidates, Irish (GA) — 13 successful candidates, Dutch (NL) — 13 successful candidates, Croatian (HR) — 16 successful candidates, Slovak (SK) — 12 successful candidates, Hungarian (HU) — 12 successful candidates, Slovenian (SL) — 12 successful candidates

Eligibility Requirements

To be able to apply, you must meet the following conditions:

  1. General conditions:
  • Enjoy full rights as a citizen of a Member State of the EU
  • Meet any obligations under national laws on military service
  • Meet the character requirements for the duties concerned

      2. Specific conditions:


  • Language 1: minimum level — C2 in the chosen language of the competition from Croatian, Danish, Dutch, Hungarian, Irish, Maltese, Slovak or Slovenian.
  • Language 2: minimum level — B2 compulsory in either English, French or German.

Qualifications and work experience (either of the following):

  • A level of post-secondary education attested by a diploma relevant to the nature of the duties.
  •  A level of secondary education attested by a diploma giving access to post- secondary education, followed by at least 3 years’ professional experience relevant to the nature of the duties.
  • Professional training (equivalent to European Qualification Framework Level 4 — please see here) of at least 1 year, followed by a minimum of 3 years’ professional experience. Both the training and experience must be relevant to the nature of the duties.

Selection Procedure

1) Computer-based Multiple-Choice Question (MCQ) tests

If your application form is validated within the deadline the next phase consists of taking a series of computer-based multiple choice question (MCQ) tests in one of EPSO’s accredited centres.

These tests are eliminatory and will be organised as follows:Administrators competition 2016, Administrators competition 2016 in the field of audit launched, Epsotraining - EPSO Tests for EU Competitions

2) Assessment phase

If the eligibility requirements are met and if you reached the passing mark and scored one of the highest total marks for the MCQ tests you will be invited to attend an assessment phase for 1 day, most probably in Brussels, where you will take tests held in your language 1 and 2.

Out of the total successful candidates, approximately 2 times, but no more than 2,5 times the number of sought candidates for each language will be selected to take the tests in  the assessment phase.

Seven general competencies, each marked out of 10 points, and the specific competencies required for this competition will be tested during the assessment phase through 3 tests (competency-based interview, case study and a field-specific test) as described below:

Administrators competition 2016, Administrators competition 2016 in the field of audit launched, Epsotraining - EPSO Tests for EU Competitions

3) Reserve list

After the candidates’ supporting documents are checked a reserve list per language of the eligible candidates who have obtained the highest overall marks following the assessment phase will be drawn up by the selection board until the number of successful candidates sought is reached. Names will be listed alphabetically.

You can apply here by 31 May 2016 at 12.00 (midday), Brussels time**

*This notice of open competition covers 8 languages. You may only apply to one language. You must make your choice when you apply online as you will not be able to change it after you have validated your online application form

**You must fill in your application form in English, French or German