EIOPA – Project Expert (EU SDFA)

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Job description


  • Assist the Project Manager with drafting a Final Report on the lessons learnt from the Academy, including a comprehensive overview of training activities, workshops and feedback collected from all training and workshop’s participants over its whole duration, with information on the internal use and dissemination of the Academy training activities, learning materials and expertise within the Beneficiary Member States Authorities, as well as recommendations for the follow-up of the Action;
  • Collaborate with stakeholders (other ESAs, European Commission, European University Institute and other stakeholders) on the progress towards meeting the objectives and deliverables of the project;
  • Organise internal project meetings;
  • Organise EIOPA supervisory workshops (catering, invitations, material, follow-surveys and meetings, etc.);
  • Take note of issues signalled and relevant experience provided by experts over the training cycles and especially during the workshop sessions;
  • Ensure a proper internal governance for the internal management of the project;
  • Facilitate interaction with Beneficiary Member States (e.g. in light of the survey to map training needs);
  • Follow-up surveys to ensure training needs are updated on an annual basis;
  • Any other task related to the organisation of the project and follow-up work.

Contract Type And Duration

Source URL: https://www.eiopa.europa.eu/about/careers/open-vacancies/project-expert-eu-sdfa

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