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Contract Agent

Contract agents are EU personnel on a fixed-term contract working for any EU institution. There are two sub-categories of a contract agent based on EPSO and the EU civil service portal.

The first category is those who enjoy long-term employment contracts for the duration of existence of their Agency/Office.  They are hired to work in Agencies; Commission Representations and Delegations; Commission Offices attached to a Directorate-General (such as the Paymasters Office and Offices for Infrastructure and Logistics in Brussels and Luxembourg and in Commission Directorates-General to do manual or administrative support-service tasks; This contract can be converted into indefinite duration.

The second sub-category are those recruited temporarily to replace officials who are absent due to sickness or illness, maternity leave; work in Commission’s DGs dealing with other tasks than manual and administrative support tasks; temporary staff during acute staff shortages at times of intense work pressure; to work for a temporary period as additional staff in specialised fields in case officials having the skills are not available. This category of contract agents has short-term employment prospects and may work with a minimum of three months to three up to maximum six years based on the specific contract assigned.

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