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Temporary Agent

The Commission may hire temporary agents.  However, this depends on factors such as the temporary needs and the situation about filling vacant posts.

Temporary agents may be categorized as follows:

(a) non-standard, (highly specialized jobs) or temporary tasks

(b) as additional staff in cases where there is staff shortage and competition reserve lists have been exhausted

For category (a) and (b), temporary agents may do various tasks essentially the same work done by permanent Commission officials.

(c) for Commissioners’ private offices

In this category, temporary agent’s task is to work in the Commissioner’s office for the duration of the term in office.

(d)  For specific jobs in the scientific sector.

In category d, temporary agents may work in EU research centres.  The main task is to promote research and manage European framework programs for research and development.

The length of contract of temporary agents also varies. Temporary agents in categories (a), (b) and (d) may be hired by the Commission for a maximum period of six years. However, temporary agents in category (c) are hired for duration of the term of office of the Commissioner.

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