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Promo Offer – Epso E-Tray AD Tests

We are happy to announce our Back to Work PROMO for EPSO E-Tray AD Tests – 49 EUR for 2 E-Tray tests instead of 68 Eur. Offer ends 6th Sept. Those of you that have already ordered the test at standard price must not worry – we offer the second test at 50% discount. What you have to do in both cases is to order the test at full price and then we will refund the difference in the shortest delays.

What do the ETray tests include?

Etray AD #1 – 13 emails – 16 situations – 48 questions to rate – all questions include detailed explanations

Etray AD #2 – 16 emails – 17 situations – 51 questions to rate – all questions include detailed explanations

Who should order these Epso E-Tray tests?

All candidates that have passed the epso preselection phase of the competitions EPSO/AD/301/15 AD 5 generalists and EPSO/AD/301/15 AD5 auditors and are invited to sit the EPSO intermediate test which consists of an E-Tray simulation are advised to try our E-Tray tests.

For more info and tips on how to approach this type of exam, we recommend you to read our epso e-tray exam guide.

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