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Upcoming EPSO AD 2012 Cycle

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Epso has published the indicative planning for the 2012 Administrator Competitions. The sought profiles are European Public Administation, Law, Audit, Communication and External Relations. The levels are AD5/AD7

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EPSO/AD/206/11 and EPSO/AD/207/11 exam changes

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The registration for the AD5 and AD7 EPSO exams will most probably begin mid-march. These competitions are going to be the first AD general competitions since the latest EPSO reform. What’s new about these exams is that the Situational Judgement Tests are going to be eliminatory and that the students in their final year of study are also  eligible to apply. Be also advised that the verbal and numerical reasoning exams will be held in the candidates’ mother tongue as it was the case for the EPSO 2011 Assistants Cycle.

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EPSO selection and recruitment to be improved?

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In a recent report, EPSO has published its intention of improving their existing selection procedure. For the record, the EPSO/AD/177/10 has taken 9 and a half months. What we have to see now is the pace on which EU Institutions will recruit the laureates from the new reserve lists.

Anyway, the outcome of the first AD cycle was a success and a great improvement and we should congratulate the EPSO team for it. In comparison, the previous competitions the process could last up to 2 years. But wait, that’s not all! One of EPSO’s next challenges is to cut one month each year from the duration of the recruitment process by 2015.

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Administrators 2011 Cycle Fields Announced

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Good News! Epso has announced the fields for the AD 2011 competitions as well as the levels. Apart from the classical AD5 level, those of you with more experience can also subscribe to the AD7 competitions. The fields are the following:

– European Public Administration
– Law
– Economics
– Audit
– Finance
– Statistics