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EPSO/AST/117/11 (AST 1) Competition announced

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Epso has announced the EPSO/AST/117/11 – Assistants in the Secretarial Field (AST 1) competition. In total there are 257 advertised positions available fot the following languages: Greek, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, Irish, Hungarian and Italian.

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Sample tests for AST1 Competition

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Go ahead and have a look at some sample tests for the AST1 competition. There is new information on  ‘Accuracy and Precision‘ and  ‘Prioritising and Organising‘ tests

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AST 1 Competitions published

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Epso has recently published the EPSO/AST/111/10 competitions for assistants in the secretarial field. Deadline for registration is mid December, the competition being focused on the following languages:

– Danish (DA) language
– German  (DE) language
– English (EN) language
– Spanish (ES) language
– French (FR) language
– Maltese (MT) language
– Dutch (NL) language
– Portuguese (PT) language
– Swedish (SW) language