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EPSO/AD/288-292/14 Competitions for Lawyer Linguists in the European Parliament and the Council launched

The number of successful candidates sought per competition is 12 for each of the following languages: Finnish (EPSO/AD/288/14), French (EPSO/AD/289/14), Portuguese (EPSO/AD/290/14), Romanian (EPSO/AD/291/14) and Slovakian (EPSO/AD/292/14). These competitions are intended only for candidates who have a perfect command of the language of the competition.

The preselection tests for the EPSO/AD/288-292/14 competitions are computer-based language and translation tests in the following specific order:

–          If you have validated your application in time, you will be invited to sit the language and the translation tests by reserving a date until the deadline, notified to you via your EPSO account;

–          A test of your second language with 12 multiple-choice questions. The pass mark will be 7 out of all and the time allowed will be 25 minutes (this is a eliminatory test);

–          Translation into the language of the competition (language 1) of a legal text in language 2, without a dictionary. Marking: out of 80, Pass mark: 40 and the time allowed is 2 hours. The marks obtained in this test will count towards the final result together with the marks obtained in the tests held at the assessment center.

Within the assessment center you will sit three types of assessment tests, the content of which is validated by the selection board:

  1. The reasoning ability will be assessed by a verbal, numerical and an abstract reasoning test.
  2. Your specific competencies in the field will be assessed by a summary in the language of the competition of a text in your third language and an oral presentation.
  3. Your general competences will be assessed by an oral presentation, a structured interview and a group exercise.

The deadline for the application, including the validation process is 18 November 2014 at 12 midday (Brussels time).

For more details on EPSO/AD/288-292/14 competitions you can take a look at the next link: