The EPSO CAST: 4 Steps Complete Guide


Almost all of us know the drill when it comes to EPSO competitions. We wait for a specific opportunity to open its applications and then scramble off to meet its deadlines. If we miss the dates, then we might have to wait for another year to try again. However with the creation of the EPSO CAST, you can send in your applications anytime you want to pursue that EPSO career!

But before we get ahead of ourselves, there are very important things that you must not miss. The EPSO CAST is one of the elusive competitions organized by EPSO. Some deemed it as having an opaque  selection test process.

While it might be true for them, that does not mean that it has to be for you! So we prepared everything you need to know that will help you in pursuing this opportunity. Get to know the EPSO CAST deeper as you move steps towards success!


What is EPSO CAST Permanent?

To simply put it, EPSO CAST stands for the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) Contract Agent Selection (CAST). Others would also refer to it as the selection process for “contract agents for specific task”.

EPSO launched an open-ended selection procedure to create a pool of candidates from which institutions, bodies, offices and agencies of the European Union (EU) can recruit contract agents.

Usually, what you’ll see are competitions bearing the title “CAST Permanent”. This basically refers to procedures launched via open-ended calls for expressions of interest that have no deadline for applications.

The contract agents are chosen in the following fields below:


EPSO CAST Permanent Profiles

The contract agents/staff positions are available for a wide range of jobs that require varying levels of qualifications. They are divided into four function groups with different tasks. They go as follows:



The first function group refers to jobs with duties that consist of manual and administrative support-service tasks performed under the supervisions of officials or temporary staff.


The duties for the second function group consist of clerical and secretarial tasks, office management and other equivalent tasks performed under the supervision of officials or temporary staff. You can also think of it as a counterpart for AST/SC competitions.


The third function group applies jobs with duties that consist of executive tasks, drafting, accountancy, and other equivalent technical tasks performed under the supervision of officials or temporary staff. This one is equivalent to the role of AST (assistants) for an EPSO official.


The last function group is the CAST equivalent of the AD or administrator role for an EPSO official. It covers jobs with duties that consist of administrative, advisory, linguistic, and equivalent technical tasks performed under the supervision of officials or temporary staff.

Application Eligibility

With its contractual nature, you’ll find various opportunities to explore other function groups and/or profiles. You may apply for one or more provided that you meet the eligibility requirements.

General Conditions:

Specific Conditions:

*The official languages of the European Union are: BG (Bulgarian), CS (Czech), DA (Danish), DE (German), EL (Greek), EN (English), ES (Spanish), ET (Estonian), FI (Finnish), FR (French), GA (Irish), HR (Croatian), HU (Hungarian), IT (Italian), LT (Lithuanian), LV (Latvian), MT (Maltese), NL (Dutch), PL (Polish), PT (Portuguese), RO (Romanian), SK (Slovak), SL (Slovenian), SV (Swedish).


Remember though that you must only choose those profiles and/or function groups that you have the most relevant education and experience. Furthermore, submitting multiple applications does not necessarily increase your chances of being preselected. As such, you must put in the best of your efforts to the selection process and exams, which we’ll discuss next.



EPSO CAST Permanent Selection Process

As we have mentioned at the beginning of the article, the EPSO CAST selection process is an infamous competition for its selection procedure. Unlike other EPSO competitions, there are only a number of pre-selected candidates who will be tested, only those of interest for the employing EU institutions. Submitting an application alone does not immediately give you an invitation to take the computer-based tests. Shortlisted candidates will be the only ones who can sit the selection tests when there is a vacancy. You may or may not be contacted. The selection process is as follows:

  1. Application – In this part, you will be asked to complete and validate your application/s, updating it every six months in order for recruiters to see
  2. Pre-selection – When needs arise, the recruiting services will search through the database with pre-defined criteria shortlisted candidates who best match the job requirements.
  1. Recruitment – If you pass the selection tests, you will then be invited to recruitment tests by the recruiting services. You will undergo an interview and other forms of evaluation process.

Other Things to Keep in Mind:

Passing the selection tests does not necessarily mean you will immediately receive a job offer. If such happens to you, the good thing is that you won’t have to re-sit the computer-based tests—given that another service is interested in inviting you for recruitment tests in the same or lower profile and/or function group.

If you fail any part of the selection tests, the recruiting services can still re-invite you with a period of 6 months from the day your results are published in your EPSO account.


EPSO CAST Test/Cast Exam

As an important component of the selection process, you must prepare yourself to take the following specific tests:

The results from passing the tests will be valid for a certain period in order for you to not have to re-sit those tests again. Some tests correspond to certain periods of validity:


In the case that you fail to obtain the passing marks, you will not be invited by recruiting services to take the test again for the next 6 months.



EPSO Contract Agent Salary Calculator

Here are the basic salary estimates for contract agents:

Basic monthly salary (in €) for 40 hour working week (1.7.2015), 1st step:

For a more specific knowledge on the salary you will be getting, here is a salary calculator for you