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EU Competitions – 2012 Statistics

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For those of you preparing for the EU Competitions, we consider that it is important in a first instance to know what has happened in the previous exams. Therefore, we have interpreted existing data on EU competitions from 2012 to give you an overview concerning the Administrators and Assistants competitions.

You will be able to discover the total advertised posts, toughest CBT preselection exams or profiles EU Institutions sough to recruit in 2012.

As some results from 2012 EU Competitions are not yet published, this data is based only on available information.


We begin with the total number of available positions within the EU Institutions

EU Competitions 2012 positions total



AD/AST Posts Percentage

While Administrators competitions were at different grades from AD5 to AD12, at Assistants level there were only AST 3 competitions.

AD Grades Distribution

EPSO AD Distribution 2012

From the two pictures below you can see the available positions distribution per profile, both for Administrators and Assistants EU Competitions.

EPSO AD Profiles

EPSO AST Profiles

In 2012, there were 19335 candidates applying for the EU Competitions, distributed as pictured below:

EPSO Applications 2012

EPSO Competitions Average Applications 2012


Toughest/Easiest EU Competition – no of applications / advertised positions


EPSO/AD/236-237/12 for Danish  AD7 interpreters with 1.3 candidates / available position was the ‘easiest’ in terms of number of candidates per available position

EPSO/AST/125/12 on Finances/Accounting with 117 candidates / available position was the ‘toughest’ in terms of number of candidates per available position


Toughest/Easiest EU Competition Preselection Tests


The preselection pass mark for EPSO/AD/240/12 – Estonian Translators

was the lowest – 53.32/100


The preselection pass mark for EPSO/AST/125/12 on Finances/Accounting was the highest – 86.3/100




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