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  • Among other requirements, the applicants shall be nationals of EU Member States or of associate countries that have concluded arrangements on their participation in EASO*.
  • For SNE positions, the Management Board decision mentioned in the vacancies explaining the rules on SNEs can be found here.
  • For Temporary and Contract Agents, please find the Staff Regulation and CEOS here.
  • The specific privacy statement for recruitment can be found here.
  • The regulation on data protection can be found here.

*As of 20/03/2014, the arrangement between the EU and Norway on the modalities of its participation in EASO applies provisionally.

Reserve Lists

Selection procedures for which the reserve lists have been extended until 31 December 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Download the Frequently Asked Questions.

Employment through a temping agency for Malta

In order to cope with temporary needs, EASO may require interim staff who will be hired through a temping agency.

Available opportunities can be consulted on their website: https://mgr-hr.com/vacancies.

Hired interims will be employed by the temping agency although they will be working at EASO premises.

Source URL: https://www.easo.europa.eu/about-us/vacancies

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