EIOPA – Head of Consumer Protection Department

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Job description

Main responsibilities as Head of Department:

  • contributing to the establishment of EIOPA’s strategy by preparing analysis to support the decisions reserved to the Chair and/or the Executive Director;
  • implementing EIOPA’s strategy in the areas of competence;
  • planning, managing and controlling the activities of the Department and ensuring the delivery of high-quality work;
  • taking initiative to prepare the smooth adoption of EIOPA’s decisions, by formulating proposals and preparing draft measures and document to be adopted by the Board of Supervisors;
  • supporting and assisting the Chair and the Executive Director in the development of EIOPA by providing organisational advice and maintaining strategic links at departmental level with the relevant EU bodies and National Supervisory Authorities, this in close cooperation with the Corporate Affairs Department;
  • providing leadership and direction to the Department in fulfilling the objectives set out in the EIOPA Regulation, the Single Programming Document and Annual Work Programmes, as provided by the appropriate governing bodies and supporting the Heads of Units and Team leaders in the prioritisation of key objectives and work plans;
  • managing and administrating the Department, including the management of personnel and budgets, in compliance with the related HR, financial and procurement rules and fostering a positive working climate;
  • developing and maintaining business processes for the area of competence in coherence with the EIOPA objectives and, when relevant, in cooperation with other Departments;
  • promoting effective inter-departmental cooperation through proactive sharing of information and involvement of the other Departments where needed;
  • representing EIOPA at external and internal meetings and conferences as required and promoting the achievements of EIOPA;
  • representing the Executive Director or Chair as and when required;
  • reporting to the Chair and/or the Executive Director any significant issues faced in performing their activity;
  • ensuring that EIOPA internal policy, standards and procedures (including security, control and risk management) are known and applied by all staff assigned to the Department;
  • performing any other task assigned to them by the Executive Director or the Chair.

Contract Type And Duration

Source URL: https://www.eiopa.europa.eu/about/careers/open-vacancies/head-of-consumer-protection-department

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