EIOPA – Expert on Consumer Protection

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Job description

Main responsibilities

  • As part of the Unit, driving forward EIOPA’s work with NCAs in the development of relevant tools (e.g. mystery shopping methodologies) at the national level and the usage of a broad set of conduct supervision tools:
    • Developing terms of references to hire contractors to carry out mystery shopping exercises;
    • Contribute into defining the key elements to carry out mystery shopping exercises (e.g. personas, scenarios, etc.);
    • Supporting NCAs in using a different set of conduct tools and integrate behavioral economics aspects into their supervisory activities; and
    • Delivering high quality reports on key behavioral economics aspects relating to the insurance sector such as consumers’ attitudes towards insurance products, consumers’ trust in the insurance sector, demand-side barriers to product’s uptake.
  • Within own areas of expertise, contributing technical advice to internal stakeholders and national supervisory authorities;
  • Liaising with internal and external stakeholders (EIOPA staff members, EIOPA Working Groups and Committees, national supervisory authorities, and industry);
  • Managing contractors carrying out relevant studies on conduct tools;
  • Any other tasks as required.

Contract Type And Duration

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