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EPSO/AST/129/13 – AST 3 EU Competition launched

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As of today you can start filling in your application from “my epso account” for the EPSO/AST/129/13 AST 3 Competition. The deadline for validating your application is 14th of January but don’t wait until the last moment.

The profiles sought and the number of available places are as follows:




The CBT Preselection tests will consist of:

  • Verbal Reasoning -marked out of 20
  • Numerical Reasoning – marked out of 10
  • Abstract Reasoning – marked out of 10
  • Accuracy and Precision – marked out of 20
  • Prioritizing and Organizing – marked out of 20
  • Situational Judgement Test – marked out of 40

You will need to obtain a minimum aggregated score of 15/30  for Verbal and Abstract Reasoning.

For Numerical Reasoning minimum score is 5 for accounting and economy profiles and 4 for legal matters.

Minimum aggregated score for Accuracy and Precision and Prioritising and Organising is 20/40 and minimum score for EPSO SJT is 24/40

You can find in the Official Journal the complete job descriptions for each profile and other useful additional info.

As usual, we offer best and most affordable online epso training to help you pass this AST3 Competition and become an EU Assistant.

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EPSO/AST/125/12 — Assistants (AST 3)

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The Assistants 2012 EPSO/AST/125/12 cycle has been published. Epso will organize the competitions for the following fields:

  • Audit- 25 successful candidates
  • Finance/Accounting – 45 successful candidates
  • Economics/Statistics – 40 successful candidates


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EPSO/AST/125/12 — Assistants (AST 3) Competitions Published

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The EPSO/AST/125/12 AST 3 competition has been announced for the following fields:

1. AUDIT – 25 places on the reserve list
2. FINANCE/ACCOUNTING – 45 places on the reserve list
3. ECONOMICS/STATISTICS – 40 places on the reserve list

The preselection will consist of the following EU Tests:

– Verbal reasoning

– Numerical reasoning

Abstract reasoning practice tests

– Professional skills: accuracy and precision

– Professional skills: prioritizing and organizing

Situational Judgement

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Wanted! Czech and Danish proofreaders

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Two new competitions have launched:

• Proofreaders with Czech as their main language – EPSO/AST/119/12

• Proofreaders with Danish as their main language – EPSO/AST/120/12