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EPSO Multiple Choice Exam Strategy – EPSO Exam

We tried to compile a list of most effective tips to tackle the difficult Epso preselection exam. If you think that we should add more to this epso exam strategy list comment to this post:

  • Read questions and answer choices
  • Many wrong answers are due to an incorrect understanding of the question
  1. i.e. which statement is not correct…
  • Process of elimination
  1. Get rid of wrong answers as early as possible
  2.  Will make it easier to answer
  3.  May arrive at answer through process of elimination
  4.  Be careful about answers that ‘jump off the page’ as correct, they may be there to trick you
  5.  Eliminate answers that do not fit grammatically
  • Pace yourself
  1.  Always remember to keep an eye on the time
  2.  Practice exams are available on our website to test your knowledge in epso exam-like conditions
  • ‘Choose your battles’
  1.  Each question is worth one point – some are more difficult than others
  2.  If you are stuck, move on (mark for review the question) and come back to it
  • Don’t worry if you have the same answer (i.e. C) several times in a row
  • Educated Guessing
  1. If you can eliminate one answer, then better chance
  • If you run out of time…
  1.  Be sure to answer all questions
  2.  Choose a ‘letter of the day’ (the infamous C :))
  3. Answer all unanswered questions with the same letter, unless you can eliminate
  4. Not penalised for incorrect answers
  • Should I go back if I am not sure?
  1. Only if extra time (unlikely in certain categories)
  2. Only change answer if sure (gut instinct is more often correct than not)
  • Improve your speed by:
  1.  Taking practice exams / Epso practice tests
  2.  Eliminating answers
  3.  Discarding irrelevant information
  4.  Reducing the complex to the basic, key elements

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