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EPSO Profiles – Law

The following EPSO Profiles Law related are the most frequent ones to be included in the EPSO Competitions planning.


The following are the functions of EU lawyers:

  • Developing a wide legislation range
  • Drafting policy documents
  • Coordinating with EU national authorities for improvements in national legislation
  • Conducting in-depth research and analysis
  • Providing legal advice to higher management
  • Implementing programs of activity
  • Supervising and assisting colleagues

Suggested Qualifications:

  • Good command over at least two European languages, of which one must be English, French or German
  • For Grade AD 5 (entry level), must hold a degree in Law or be graduating this year
  • For Grade AD 7 (a much more senior level), several years’ experience is required in a related field


Lawyer-Linguist (AD 7)

The following are the functions of EU lawyer-linguists:

  • Playing a vital role in lawmaking
  • Ensuring that, in every European language, all new legislation has a common meaning
  • Drafting, checking, translating and revising legal texts
  • Recognizing what EU legislation intends and manifesting that in one’s own native language

Suggested Qualifications:

  • Excellent command in one European language and a thorough command of at least two others
  • Degree in law

Legal Assistant

The following are the functions of EU legal assistants:

  • Helping to analyse and summarize files in order to prepare the position to be taken by the institutions, legal officers, and/or lawyers instructed.
  • Helping to draft advice on questions relating to law, litigation, or procedure.
  • Conducting preparatory research and analysis of European and national law.
  • Compiling files on Community and national litigation and enforced recovery of debts.
  • Carrying out research and managing requests for access to documents from European citizens within the framework of applicable legislation.
  • Monitoring action taken, the procedural stages (pre-litigation and litigation phase), and compliance with deadlines.

Suggested qualifications for Epso Profiles Law:

  • Post-secondary education attested by a diploma in the legal field or a level of secondary education attested by a diploma giving access to higher education, followed by at least 3 years’ professional experience relevant to the nature of the duties.