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Succeeding in Epso Assessment Centre

Skills are an intangible quality that cannot be precisely measured, but only judged. A professional’s true worth is based more on his grasp over relevant skills than on his grades and number of years of experience on EPSO tests preparation. Probably as a realization of this fine fact, the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) has shifted its selection criteria from knowledge to skills, this introducing the Epso Assesment Centre.

All personnel – administrators, linguists, assistants, and special professionals – will be required to undergo the following stages at the Epso assessment centre which will be held in Brussels:

These EPSO assessment centre tools will test your grasp over analysis, prioritization and organization, trouble shooting, communication, group working, resilience, learning and development, and delivering results. Administrators will be additionally tested for leadership qualities. The exercises will test the skills at least twice.

A few tips for succeeding in these stages of EPSO Assessment Centre

  • Group Exercises require you to either lead or to follow – this is how packs work. At the heart of group dynamics is clear communication, understanding, and team work

Leaders analyze and come up with ideas, communicate effectively and persuasively, respect the opinions of their team members, delegate responsibilities and authority, negotiate, make decisions, and get the task done without losing cool and taking everything in their stride

Other group members will be evaluated on the basis of how well they work in a team, take instructions, make meaningful suggestions, and stay focused. The biggest error you can commit is to not play in the team while not assuming leadership

  • Oral Presentation will test if you are a fluent, articulate, and persuasive speaker. This Epso Assessment Centre exam also tests how well you can organize your knowledge and present it in a manner that can be understood by laymen

Confident body language is essential for effective presentation and so is your ability to be yourself when aggressively questioned. Sometimes, you will be asked to present related topics at short notice, say fifteen minutes, to test all these skills of yours when under pressure

  • Structured Interview is the ultimate test of various facets of your personality that you will have to pass during the Epso Assessment Centre. You can start by being prepared for some tough questions from seasoned interviewers. Greet everyone when you enter and maintain eye contact. Be natural while answering and take meaningful pauses.

Here again, your body language comes into picture. Be confident without being overconfident. Use your hands and eyes to supplement your words. Try and answer in full sentences with the least number of words.

Being yourself is the key at all these levels of assessment, for an original is always worth more than a copy. Be diplomatic but do not lie for the experienced interviewers will call the bluff. Apart from all this, you can follow the basic rules of appropriate dressing and grooming.