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Upcoming EPSO Competitions 2016

European Personnel Selection Office has announced some of the competitions that are coming up in 2016

The first upcoming EPSO exam is for Linguistic Assistants – EPSO/AST/137/16. You can apply for it from the 28th of April to the 31st of May 2016.

From May 12th to June 14th 2016 you can apply for Auditors – EPSO/AD/322/16

Between 26th of May to 28th of June 2016 applications will be opened for registration in the following exams:

  • Investigators: EU expenditure and corruption – EPSO/AD/323/16
  • Investigators: Customs and trade tobacco and counterfeit goods – EPSO/AD/323/16 
  • Investigators: Team Leaders – EPSO/AD/324/16

Applications will be opened from June to July 2016 for Audio-visual and Conference Technicians – EPSO/AST/138/16 

From the 9th of June  to the 12th of July 2016  you can apply to the exams for Translators for the languages: Danish (DA) –  EPSO/AD/325/16, Irish (GA) – EPSO/AD/326/16, Croatian (HR) –  EPSO/AD/327/16, Lithuanian (LT) – EPSO/AD/328/16, Maltese (MT) – EPSO/AD/329/16

Suspended for now are the following exams:

  • Lawyer-linguists: Court of Justice –  EPSO/AD/…/16 for the languages: German (DE), English (EN), Latvian (LV), Maltese (MT), Dutch (NL)
  • Administrators –  EPSO/AD/…/16 
  • Administrators in the field of Nuclear energy –  EPSO/AD/…/16