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Administrators AD 6 Competition in the Buildings Sector announced

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EPSO is organizing a competition – EPSO/AD/248/13 – to create a reserve list from which to recruit candidates on the following fields:

– Security of Buildings – 11 successful candidates

– Building Services Engineering – 18 successful candidates

The admission tests will be organized only if the number of candidates applying exceeds 1000 per field.

Being a specialists competition, the first selection of suitable candidates will be based on the talent screener.

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Competitions in Macroeconomics and Financial Economics published

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Epso has recently published a new competition – EPSO/AD/249/13 – looking to recruit 37 Macroeconomists and 27 Financial Economists on AD7 level.

Since this is a specialists competition, you will first have to go through the talent screener that you will fill in your application.

Depending on the number of applications, it will be decided at a later stage if CBT tests will be organized.

The  minimum professional experience required is 6 years after the obtaining the relevant university diploma

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CAST Researchers Published

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Epso has launched a call for expression of interest for CAST Researchers positions with the following profiles. The number of available positions on the list is also mentioned:

Profile 1: Natural Sciences  100 successful candidates
Profile 2: Quantitative Sciences 180 successful candidates
Profile 3: Human and Social Sciences 150 successful candidates
Profile 4: Agricultural, Environmental and Earth Sciences 110 successful candidates
Profile 5: Health Sciences 60 successful candidates

The indicative planning for this expression of interest is:

  • Registration period 29 January 2013 – 1 March 2013
  • Selection based on qualifications (if applicable) March-April 2013
  • Competency test April-May 2013 (if no selection on qualifications)
  • June 2013 (if selection on qualifications) 
  • Transmission of test results to candidates June 2013 (if no selection on qualifications) 
  • July 2013 (if selection on qualifications)

The positions are available at all JRC institutes as well as in DG Connect, DG RTD, DG Sanco

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EPSO/AST/125/12 — Assistants (AST 3)

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The Assistants 2012 EPSO/AST/125/12 cycle has been published. Epso will organize the competitions for the following fields:

  • Audit- 25 successful candidates
  • Finance/Accounting – 45 successful candidates
  • Economics/Statistics – 40 successful candidates