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New EPSO Selection Procedures Explained

EPSO has recently published an article related to the new selection procedures for permanent staff of the European Union. You can see below what will be assessed for each profile.


The assessment phase enables all key competencies to be properly and reliably tested. Here the emphasis is on job-related-competency-based testing rather than actual knowledge. Based on an enhanced competency framework, exercises will be selected to evaluate the desired skills, each of which will be assessed at least twice. This stage will comprise a full day or half-day of tests depending on the type of competition. The assessment will be conducted in the candidate’s second language (English, French or German), except for profiles requiring specific language skills.

Depending on the competition, the assessment phase is likely to include the following mix of elements:


  • comprehensive case study related to the field for which the candidates have registered
  • group exercise
  • oral presentation
  • structured interview.


Linguists will be assessed in a more targeted manner, with a focus on their core skills, tested by:


  • practical tests assessing their professional skills
  • e-tray exercise (electronic “in-tray” work simulation)
  • structured interview.

Special profiles

The procedure for specialists will be structured so that the relevant key knowledge area is a primary criterion for the evaluation of candidates. For this reason, there will be no admission tests for most profiles in this category, unless the number of valid applications exceeds a specific threshold. Instead, candidates’ applications and CVs will be evaluated against a predetermined set of criteria. Candidates who are admitted to the competition will be directly invited to an assessment programme including any or all of the following: