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New EU Competitions announced

EPSO has launched new EU competitions with the scope to recruit English, French, Romanian, Slovenian conference interpreters.

English Language (EN): EPSO/AD/256/13 (AD 5)
French Language (FR): EPSO/AD/257/13 (AD 5 and AD 7)
Romanian Language (RO): EPSO/AD/258/13 (AD 7)
Slovenian Language (SL): EPSO/AD/259/13 (AD 5 and AD 7)

There will be a preliminary interpreting test only for candidates who do not have an interinstitutional accreditation as auxiliary conference interpreter which will be followed by an interpreting test for all candidates. Based on the results of this test, you will be invited to the Assessment Centre.

Apart from the general competencies tested by a structured interview, group exercise and oral presentation, you will also take the following reasoning tests: