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EPSO/AST/133/14 ICT Assistants Competition Announced

The EPSO/AST/133/14 AST 3 competition has recently been launched

There are 151 positions available split in 5 IT fields with the following requirements:

Field 1 — Information systems – 57 positions

Functional and technical analysis (describing needs, analyzing business processes, drawing up functional and technical specifications), designing software, database, and applications architectures.
Prototyping, development, testing, deployment, quality control, maintenance, and administration of information systems in a variety of architectures and environments (client-server, multi-tier, software packages such as SAP, or mobile or web oriented software).
Development, implementation, and maintenance of data warehouse and business intelligence systems.
Development, implementation, and maintenance of documentary systems.

Field 2 — Information systems security – 21 positions

Conducting systems risk analyses using recognised methodological tools (EBIOS, PILAR, etc.) and translating the conclusions into suitable security countermeasures to protect information systems.
Setting up security operating procedures for information systems, drawing up configuration guides (operating systems, databases, network filters, etc.), and helping to administer information systems security.
Performing IT and network security audits, information system penetration tests, and network security diagnostics.
Deploying and running automated log analysis tools, vulnerability analysis tools, network filters, IPS/IDS, and malware protection tools.
Deploying and running government-style encryption mechanisms (key management, accounting aspects, etc.).
Deploying and operating public key management infrastructures.

Field 3 — Networks and telecommunications – 18 positions

Defining solutions, implementing, managing, and supervising data network (LAN/WAN) services and voice/videoconferencing network services, and telecommunications services in general.
Administration, maintenance, and support for network and telecoms infrastructure services and equipment: active and passive equipment, routers, firewalls, proxies, load balancers, anti-spam, PABX, etc. Monitoring operation, performance, and security.
Managing and auditing network and telecom security.

Field 4 — Office IT infrastructure and data centre – 44 positions

Administration, maintenance, and support for the user environment. Configuring workstations, including mobile devices. Deploying updates to operating systems, software, and business applications. Configuring and monitoring workstation security.
Operating/managing data-processing centres: administration, maintenance, and support for services and equipment for authentication, management of file systems, databases, application servers, storage, backup, and archiving systems, virtualisation systems, directory and user provisioning services, management of mobile devices, e-mail, and other services normally provided by a data centre.
Project management, technology evaluation, and implementation of solutions in the sub-fields indicated.
User support in the subfields indicated.
Involvement in defining and testing the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and Disaster Recovery Procedures (DRP).

Field 5 — Web – 11 positions

Technical architecture: defining technical web architectures (back office) taking account of the specific features of the content management tool used and of business needs.
Developing and configuring website and content management systems (CMS).
Configuration/development of validation workflows and publication of content.
Organising, setting up and/or monitoring operational website management services (with or without partial outsourcing). Drawing up procedures, statistics, reports and dashboards for monitoring activities as required.
Development work for social media (Facebook, etc.).
Graphic design and layout.

You are required to have 3 years relevant professional experience after having obtained an ICT diploma or 6 years relevant professional experience after secondary education attested by a diploma.

The deadline to apply  is  set for 15th July.