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Upcoming Epso Competitions 2015 – 1st Semester

The upcoming EPSO competitions 2015 list for the 1st Semester has been updated by EPSO. These are the different fields of interest that the European Institutions will look to recruit in the first part of 2015:

EPSO/AST-SC/03/15 – A competition for the following fields: Administrative Support, Secretarial Support and Financial Support, in the levels SC1/SC2. The registration for the exam starts 08.01.2015 and the preselection exams will take place in 03 -04.2015.

EPSO/CAST/S/11/2015 – The selection of  Principal Building Managers (M/F) will  kicks off with the registration on 22.01.2015. Further details to be announced

EPSO/CAST/S/12/2015 – Starting from 23.02.2015 the registration for security specialists will begin in both Function Group III and IV

EPSO/AD/295-300/15 – Applicants with knowledge of national law (AD5 and AD7) can apply for lawyer positions starting from 26.02.2015, for different languages (BG, DE, GA, HR, LT, SK)

EPSO/AST/135/15 – For the position of Heads of Administration in EU Delegations based in third countries the launch date is 09.04.2015

EPSO/AST-SC/04/15 – Aiming to select Parliamentary Ushers, the competition starts from 23.04.2015

EPSO/AD/303/15  – Specialists with background in aid management to non-member states (AD7) can apply starting 07.05.2015

AD CYCLE – Positions for Audit and Administrators (profiles not yet defined) at AD 5 level  are available and registration starts in March. For Administrators you can register from 12.03 and for Audit 26.03.2015